Ukraine won Bronze

The match for bronze medals between Lithuania and Ukraine took place at the Women’s 17 EHF Championship in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Ukraine scored the first goal. After this Lithuania seized the initiative and in the middle of the first half were in lead: 6:3.
At 25th minute Ukraine managed to cut the advantage of rivals to one goal: 8:9; 9:10. After this they equalized 10:10; 11:11 and eventually won the first half: 13:11.

Sensing the momentum Ukraine began to press the opponent and at 7th minute of the second half were up 18:12. From this on Ukraine became unstoppable and the game ended   . Ukraine won bronze medals. Lithuania settled on forth place.

The best player from the team of Ukraine was named Diana Dmitrishin (RW) and from the team of Lithuania Mante Voskresenskaia (RB).

Mante Voskresenskaia, the best player of Lithuania: I can’t rate my personal game, because it its too selfish. We work as a team and today the team played very well. This game was very hard, it was hard to score goals, because the opponents had a very good goalkeeper. Our defense in the first half was very good, but in the second half was very bad, that’s why I think we lost the game.

Diana Dmitrishin, the best player of Ukraine: As for my performance, I’m satisfied with some matches, but not all. After the match against Serbia, I was not so satisfied with my performance, but today I’m satisfied. In the first half we were lost. Every player did something unclear, but at the end of the first half we got ourselves back together and proved that we can.

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