Switzerland is the champion!!

Two undefeated teams, Serbia and Switzerland met in the final of the Woman’s 17 EHF Championship in Tbilisi, Georgia. Serbia was the winner of Group A, and Switzerland of Group B of the tournament. From the first seconds the match was tense. Teams played with high tempo and tried to pay special attention on defense. Serbs were in lead but their advantage was 1-2 goals. A goalkeeper of Switzerland Soraya Shaller made some good saves.
At 15th minute the score was 10:8 in favor of Serbia.

At the 19th minute, Switzerland equalized (11:11), and a minute later went ahead 12:11. Then they scored two more goals in row – 14:11. At the 25th minute the score was 16:13 in favor of Switzerland. The first half ended 19:16.
Five minutes into the second half, the difference remained the same – 22:19 but two minutes later it was already 22:21. At 10th minute Switzerland were ahead 24:22.

At 12th minute the leader of Serbian national team Aleksandra Krstic (LB) equalized the score – 24:24, but in the middle of the second half, Switzerland was ahead again – 26:14.

At 20th minute the score was 29:25 in favor of Switzerland.

In this success of the Swiss, right back Malin Alther played a large role.

Eventually Switzerland deservedly won and became the winner of the Woman’s 17 EHF Championship.
As expected best players of the game were Aleksandra Krstic (Serbia) and Malin Alther (Switzerland).

Marko Krstic, head coach of Serbia: Switzerland’s team was better then us, we didn’t play defense in this match the way we did in other matches throughout the championship. We must train more and more and try to improve our result.

Jürgen Fleischmann, head coach of Switzerland: In the first half we didn’t play well in defense, but in the second half we did better. The offence was very good. I’m very proud.

Malin Altherr, the best player of Switzerland: We played very good, defense. In the beginning not so much, but at the end we got ourselves together. We scored a lot of goals one on one. We’re going to go celebrate now.

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