Greece is 7th and Finland is 8th

The placement match for 7-8 places between Finland and Greece took place at the Woman’s 17 EHF Championship, in Tbilisi, Georgia.
The first goal was scored by Finland. Soon Greece equalized and took the lead. After the 7th minute, when the score was tie again – 3:3 Greece gained an advantage, kept it and won the first half: 19:10. After the break Greece continued to be a superior team and won 35:17.
Thus, Greece took 7th place in the final ranking of the tournament, and Finland – 8th place.

The best player of team of Finland was Nea Nousiainen (CB) and the best player of team of Greece was Gesthimani Papadopoulou (P)

Christos Tzouvaras, head coach of Greece: I think the 7th place is not suitable for my team. Today we played very well. I think the tournament gave girls a very good experience.

Nea Nousiainen, the best player of Finland: The game started well, but the end of the first half was tough. Second half was OK. I think that we tried our best. I hope that I will play for many years after this championship.

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