Faroe Islands 5th and Georgia is 6th

The placement match for 5-6 places between Faroe Islands and Georgia took place at the Woman’s 17 EHF Championship, in Tbilisi, Georgia. The first 11 minutes of the match were tense. The score was equal four times: 1:1; 2:2; 3:3; 4:4 but after this Faroe Islands seized the lead and won the first half 18:8.

Perhaps the reason for such game of Georgians was their previous dramatic match with Greece, which required too much energy.
In the second half Faroe Islands kept the initiative and won 30:16.

The best player among islanders was Natasha Hammer (CB) and best player of Georgian team was a goalkeeper Diana Karchava.

Diana Qarchava, the best player of Georgia: It was a really tough game, we had a chance to win. Our girls fought to the end and did everything that was in their power to win, but we made mistakes. We will try to focus on those mistakes, work on them and in the future play and win even harder matches.

Hans Andrias Midjord, head coach of Faroe Islands: I can say when the end is good, everything is good, but perhaps we could do better in the matches against Ukraine and Greece, because we got a draw. All together we are satisfied. I hope we will get better and better and in two years I hope we can play in the semi-finals, or perhaps the finals and if we are very very lucky- win the championship.

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