Faroe Islands will fight for the fifth place

Cross matches at the Women’s 17 EHF Championship started with the game between Faroe Islands and Finland. It was a match for 5-8 places.

The game started with the advantage of Finland but at the 10th minute Faroe Islands equalized the score (5:5) and then went ahead – 6:5; 7:5; 8:5; 9:5. The result of the first half was 19:11 in favor of islanders.

After the break Faroe Islands maintained their superiority and beat the rivals 33:22. That means that tomorrow Faroe Islands will fight for the 5th place adn Finland for the 7th place.

The best player of team Faroe Islands was Lea Mortensen Mork (LW) and the best among Finns was named Nea Nousiainen  (LB).
Tomas Mecklin, head coach of Finland: We could have done a lot better in this championship, I’m not satisfied at all. We had decent 30 minutes in each game, but that’s not going to count it. We need to play 60 minutes on the full speed, which we haven’t been able to do basically in a single game of this tournament. Hopefully we will get our act together for tomorrow.
Hans Andrias Midjord, head coach of Faroe Islands: We played two matches draw against Greece and Ukraine. We will continue training and get better. Tomorrow I hope we will meet and beat Greece.

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