Finland is fourth

Finland and Latvia began their Women’s 17 EHF Championship’s B group game having 0 points from their previous matches. Thus the game was of big importance – it should decide who would continue to fight for the 5th place. The loser would have to play for 9-10 places against Bulgaria.

Finland seized the lead from the very beginning and kept it to the end of first half: 20:12.

In the second half, Latvia tried its best and cut the score, but has never been able to equalize it. The Game ended 29:27

The best player of Latvia was named Nika Strele (P) and best among Finns was Sara Sandelin(CB).

Sara Sandelin, the best player of Finland: I think that my team performance could be better, we had some problems with the one player of Latvia, but we fought till the end and that was very good.

Nika Strele, the best player of Latvia: I think we played well, we tried really hard to win. The match was very emotional.

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