The first draw of the championship

In group A of Women’s 17 EHF Championship, the team of Faroe Islands played against Greece having previously one victory and one defeat. The Greeks had two defeats. First half turned out to be well balanced. The teams didn’t let each other to gain big advantage. Both have been creating difficulties for the attacking players of opponents. A goalkeeper of Greece Soumela Koutsimani had a really good game.

First half ended 11:9, in favor of Greece.

After the break, Greece continued the press, but the islanders did not give up and on the 19th minute equalized – 19:19. The next 11 minutes of the match turned out to be very stressful. The Faroese kept the lead in 1-2 goals, but the Greeks pulled themselves together and leveled the score – 23:23.

The best player of Faroe Islands was named Maria Palsdottir Nolsoy (RB) and of Greece – Eleni Damaskou (P).

Hans Andrias Midjord, head Coach of Faroe Islands: We played a very bad first half, we missed too many shots. The second half was much better. Greece have a very good goalkeeper and they played very well today. We still are very nervous, in the second half we played faster, but the first half was very bad.
Christina Panousi, No 9, Greece: Todays game was very good, we tried our best escepically at the end of the game. We will focus more on the next match to improve our results.

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