Lithuania beat Latvia

On the first day of the Women’s 17 EHF Championship Latvia lost to strong Swiss team (20:39) and Lithuania beat the hosts of the tournament, Georgia 28:19.So, today’s game was very important for both Baltian neighbours.

Lithuania took lead from very beginning and at 10th minute were up – 5:0. First half ended 14:8.

The second half was as quiet as first. Latvia tried to resist, but could not level the score even once.

The game ended  28:18, Lithuania won.

Best player of Lithuania was Vakare Damulevicute (LB) and best player of Latvia was Leticija Veinberga (CB).

Larisa Veinberga, Head coach of Latvia: We couldn’t play well, we made lot of mistakes, well. The opponent knew our game and were stronger then us.

Vakare Damulevicute, Lithuania: The match was very good, all of the players were very happy for our victory. Some players had injuries, but our coaches still managed to prepare us well for this game.

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