The Championship began with the victory of Serbia

Women’s 17 EHF Championship started in Tbilisi Sports Palace. In the first match Serbia played against the Faroe Islands.
The first goal was scored by the islanders but after that the Serbs went ahead. Before the break, they had the maximum advantage of 4 goals, but mostly they were leading of 1-2 goals. The first half ended 13:11.

By the middle of the second half, the Serbs increased their advantage. Among them stood out Aleksandra Krstic (LB) who scored 12  goals. She was named the best player of Serbia team.

The best among islanders was Jana Mittun (CB), 7 goals.

The match ended 30:26.

Marko Kristic, Head Coach of Serbia: We are satisfied with the victory, but we didn’t play very well, but the result is still good for us, winning the first game of the tournament. We will try to do better at the next match.

Hans Andrias Midjord, Head Coach of Faroe Islands: Our strength is counterattack, but in this game our players were a little bit nervous, because Serbia is a tough nation. We are 50 000 and they are 7 million, so our players were thinking too much about what was going to happen. I think it was a good start, even though we didn’t score any goals in the first half by counterattack. We should work more to do better in the next match.

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