Jürgen Fleischmann, the coach of Switzerland

– How the preparation process is going on?
– Our preparation is going well so far. Two more days of training and the EYOF 2019 in Baku will be the final phase of the preparation for the Championships in Georgia.

What is the importance of the upcoming championship?
– The Championships are a highlight in the carreer of all our young athletes, therefore the championships are the most important event for them during the whole year. Also for the federation the championships are the most important event of the year, as we have the chance to qualify for the EURO w17 2021.

How do you rate the chances of your team at this championship?
– We want to play for the first place and count on good chances, as we have a very talented generation (02/03). But we don’t know the other teams and their level, therefore it is difficult to make such a prediction.

Your prediction: The top 3 teams, which has the biggest chance to win the tournament
– It’s difficulat to make such a predition, as most of the teams have not played any official games yet. We expect the traditionally strong nations like Serbia and Ukraine in the top rankings, but also Finland has a physically very stong team. But of course we also see our team in the top rankings.


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