Fedorenko Liubov, the coach of Ukraine

How do you rate the chances of your team at this championship?
– Any match starts with a score of 0:0. The chances of winning each team are initially equal. The question is more about faith in victory. I believe, we believe, the whole country believes. We are going to win.

What is the importance of the upcoming championship?
– Most of the really talented young athletes leave a sporting career when they go into adult handball. The upcoming championship will show young athletes what to expect in careers in the future and will motivate them to participate in as many more championships & competitions as possible at the highest levels.

– How the preparation process is going on?
– The task of our coaching staff is to prepare girls not only physically and tactically, but also psychologically and analytically. Moreover, each of these areas is equally important. We are working on it.

Your prediction: The top 3 teams, which has the biggest chance to win the tournament
– The teams that will be best prepared physically, tactically, psychologically and analytically will be in the top three of the championship.

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