Ina Chkuaseli, the coach of Georgia

What is the importance of the upcoming championship?
– Since handball is a very popular sport in Europe, I think this championship will help us to promote women’s handball in Georgia. For us as a host team this championship is of great importance. It is a great honor to be present before our fans, and it is very important for players to increase their level of playing.

– How do you rate the chances of your team at this championship?
– The Georgian team will do it’s best in every match. We promise our supporters to fight till the end, which will lead to a positive result.

– How the preparation process is going on?
– A couple of months before the championship we managed to select best possible players for this age category. Two Serb and one Greek colleagues were invited to help us for a while. We worked together at the training camp before the tournament and were very pleased.

– Your prediction: The top 3 teams, which has the biggest chance to win the tournament.
– I think that the championship is going to be very tight and attractive. Many teams will pretend to win but Serbia and Switzerland are main favourites.


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